Agility ladder guide

Agility ladder guide

The agility ladder is an important training device in functional training, in which several joints and muscle groups are used simultaneously. Especially in football, the coordination ladder is repeatedly integrated into the training and serves as a supplementary training variant. A multitude of  xercises allows the training to be flexible and trains the coordination of movements and speed. The agility ladder consists of flat plastic rungs connected by straps. There are many different agility ladders, which differ in length, number of rungs, colour and quality. With some agility ladders the rungs can be set up and used as small hurdles. In most cases, the rungs that can be set up cannot be moved, as they have a mechanism with which the rungs can be laid flat or set up. In addition, the difficulty of individual exercises can be increased by setting up elected shoots, thus keeping the concentration of the players high. In addition to speed and reaction, the agility ladder also helps improving concentration, a sense of balance and coordination. In order to select the correct agility ladders, you should first think about which exercises should be carried out.

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